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Information and communication technologies decisively shaped and changed tourism in recent years. Tourism offers are not only locally, but globally available. This brings significant advantages but also disadvantages for both consumers and the tourist provider. The advantage of global visibility needs to be reflected against the disadvantage of the global comparison for tourist offers. The competition for guests is sharper and more intense now. The guest is faced with a large variety of information, even a surplus of information. In addition, the challenges of the "Social Web" are underway. The tourist market is changing from provider to user dominance. The customer influences the market trough the usage of blogs, evaluation platforms, etc. decisively. Away from pure information consumers to the information producers. To find the best strategy is a challenge that requires an in-depth knowledge of tourism and eTourism technologies.

Since 2004, Dr. Waldhör - in addition to his work in language technology he specialised in tourism, especially in eTourism. His experience stem from his job as a managing director and scientific head of Krems Research. Here he researched and developed systems for the analysis of the Social Web (blogs, forums, evaluation systems, etc.) and recommendation systems (such as on the recommendation of the best hotels in a destination). But the application of speech technology is also a core issue. He won the Voice Award 2007 for the best voice application in the German language area with the project "Orange Line" with Krems Research. In addition, he develops concepts for the hotel room of the future. This resulted in the establishment of the Future Hotel Room Labs in Krems.

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Conferences in the field eTourism

Dr. Waldhör lead the following conferences in the area of eTourism:
Konferenz Georeferenzierung im Tourismus: GPS, Galileo und mobile touristische Anwendungen in Theorie und Praxis, Kitzbühel 2008
1. Austrian Conference Blogs in Tourism: Nutzung von Blogs zur Strategieentwicklung im Tourismus, Kitzbühel 2007.

Dr. Klemens Waldhör publications in the field of e-tourism

Waldhör, K., Freidl, C., Maurer, C., Rind, A., Ecker, K., Blaim, M. (2006). Marktplatz Hotelzimmer: Konzepte und Möglichkeiten für den Smart Hotelroom. Tourismus Journal, 8(3), pp. 357-366

Waldhör, K. (2006). Die Bedeutung von Online Buchungen im touristischen Vertrieb in Österreich (Bestandsaufnahme, Aussichten, Handlungsfelder) - Ergebnisse der Umfrage von anet Krems. Austrian eTourism Day. Baden bei Wien.

Ecker, K. & Waldhör, K. & Rind, A. (2006). Attraktivitäts- und Wertschöpfungsuntersuchung. Biotechnologiekongress Krems. Schriftenreihe Krems Research. Band 2. Krems Research.

Ecker, K. & Freidl, C. & Rind, A. & Waldhör, K. (2006). Wertschöpfungsmessung im Tourismus. In: Egger, R. & Hörl, J. & Jooss, M. (Hg.). eTourismus. Berichte aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. Werkstattbericht des Zentrums für Zukunftsstudien der Forschung Urstein GmbH. Werkstattbericht Nr. 3, November 2006. S. 47-56.

Waldhör, K., Freidl, C., Rind, A., & Ecker, K. (2007). Measuring Value Added in Tourism Sector – a Business Solution Realised By Krems Research. To be published in R. Egger, D. Buhalis (Eds.), eTourism Case Studies: Management and Marketing Issues in eTourism. Elsevier.

Waldhör, K., Freidl, C, Fessel, F., Starha, G. (2007). Acceptance of New Technologies in Hotel Rooms, EyeForTravel Summit, London (Conference).

Waldhör, K., Freidl, C (2007). RESA - An Automated Speech Based Hotel Room Booking Call Centre Agent, Enter Conference, Springer, pp 1-10.

Waldhör, K. (2007). etBlogAnalysis - Analysing touristic Webblogs and forums using statistical and computer linguistic methods for quality control; Conference Proceedings of the 1st Austrian Conference on Blogs in Tourism.

Waldhör, K., Ecker, K. (2007). Online Buchen und Persönlichkeitsfaktoren - Erste Ergebnisse einer Untersuchung zum Einfluss von Persönlichkeitsfaktoren auf das Online Buchungsverhalten. ANET Transfer Workshop 2007, Wien.

Waldhör, K., Wenger, A. (2007). Das Image Österreichs in Weblogs - eine Studie basierend auf Reiseberichten in Travelblog.org. ANET Transfer Workshop 2007, Wien

Waldhör, K. (Ed.) (2007). Proceedings of the First International Conference on Blogs in Tourism. Schriftenreihe Krems Research, Band 3. Krems: Krems Research Forschungsgesellschaft; Konferenz in Kitzbühel, 12.07.2007; Conference Chair Dr. Klemens Waldhör.

Carson, D., Ecker, K., Waldhör, K. (2008). Realising the Value of Self-drive Day Trips to Lower Austria. In: Prideaux, B., Carson, D. (Eds.). Self-drive tourism. Routledge. (in Druck)

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Waldhör, K., Rind, A. (2008). etBlogAnalysis -Mining Virtual Communities using Statistical and Linguistic Methods for Quality Control in Tourism. In: O'Connor, P., Höpken, W., Gretzel, U. (Eds.), Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2008. Vienna, Springer, pp. 453-462

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Waldhör, K., Ecker, K. (2008). Erwartungen an geografische Navigationssysteme im PKW. Konferenz Georeferenzierung im Tourismus - GPS, Galileo und mobile touristische Anwendungen in Theorie und Praxis. Krems Research, Krems; Konferenz in Kitzbühel, 28.5.2008; Conference Chair Dr. Klemens Waldhör.

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