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The Araya Translation Tools

This page supplies you with information about the translation tool Araya. The translation tool consists of several components:

See also Heartsome Europe GmbH or www.xliff.net

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Araya Translation Tools

Araya Bilingual Extraction

Araya XLIFF Editor Manual

Araya bilingual term extraction manual

Current Version 12.41

Test Version

If you are interested in a version for testing please send an e-mail to: info@heartsome.de. Restrictions are that you can only use it for test purposes and not for professional production and that only the internal database is supported.

Educational Version

Educational institutions (schools, universities, high schools etc.) can ask for a free educational version. This version should only be used for institution intern usage and for Educational purposes. Please send an e-mail for such a version to info@heartsome.de.

Free version of the Araya XLIFF Editor

For testing purposes the free version of the Araya XLIFF Editor can be used. Here you can download the free version of the Araya XLIFF Editor. Please note that this version does not support all features of the full version. Registration is required.

Description of the different tools

Araya Server

The Araya Server is available in different versions - Standard, Professional, Enterprise. The server is the central Web-based translation tool. It is realised in Perl and Java and supports databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, HSQL, SimpleDB, Cloudscape and can easily be extended to other database systems.The following tools are available: a translation memory - Translation Memory (TM), an alignment tool and several converters (XML, HTML; Text, RTF etc.). Internally Araya uses the localisation standards XLIFF (Localisation Interchange XML Format) and TMX (Translation Memory Exchange Format). Araya is multi-user tool, several translation jobs can be run at the same time, several users can access the database at the same time - for read and write access. It supports all language directions (therefore Chinese, Japanese, Arabic too).
Araya Translation Tool


The Araya-Web-Server offers a simple yet powerful opportunity to access TMX and terminology databases in the whole enterprise. The user can easily query TMX and terminology databases from within a web browser. This only requires TOMCAT as servlet container to be installed on the server side. The browser interface can be easily adapted for user or enterprise needs. The browser supports both word based and segment based search. Segment based search uses the proveb Araya fuzzy retrieval approach. It also supports regular expression search.

An example can be found here: ANET Tourismus Terminology Webserver Description (German) oder directly: ANET Tourismus Terminology Webserver

Araya Web Server Araya Web Server Example

XLIFF Translation Editor

The XLIFF Translation Editor is the optimal tool which allows the translator to post-edit pre-translated texts and correct them. It uses the XLIFF standard. It supports fuzzy matches, displays different match qualities with different colors and supports various search options. Changes can be saved in the central TM database. Translation progress can be followed with the translation status analysis. Formatting differences between the source and target from the TMX database are shown in different colors.

In addition one can use a TBX database for phrase translation. Spell checking of translations is supported using the optional ASPELL spell checker.

The Araya XLIFF Translation Editor
The Araya XLIFF Translation Editor
Pre-translation with the Araya XLIFF Translation Editor
Displaying format information
Display of various format information showing the difference between the source and TMX database matches.
XML Configurator
Configuring the XML/HTML converter
Catalogue Configuration
Configuring the DTD catalogue manager
Spell checking configuration
Spell checking with ASPELL in the translation editor
In addition it is possible to change translations which have been found in the database.
TMX Editor TMX Editor

Examples of translation status analysis:
Translation status analysis 1
Translation status analysis 2 (additional notes oder reviewer analysis)

Additional information can be found in: Araya Update information.

TMX Alignment-Editor

The TMX Alignment-Editor is an editor which is used to edit TMX files. The Araya alignment tool creates aligned files in TMX format. The editor supports correction of incorrect segment associations. The TMX alignment tool can be used in addition to create efficiently TMX files from one source language into different target languages in connection with the XLIFF Translation Editor .
TMX Editor

Bilingual TMX Alignment-Editor

The bilinguale TMX Editor is restricted to one language pair. It is esp. usefull when correcting TMX files which result from the alignment tool. Bilingual TMX Editor
More informationen bilingual TMX Editor

Terminology Extraction

Araya contains two tools from terminology extraction (term extraction)..

Monolingual Terminology Extraction

Based on this tool terms can be extracted from databases and document formats supported by Araya. A term consists of one or more words. Extraction creates several formats: TMX, TBX, XLIFF, HTML and a CVS file.
Monolingual Term Extraction

Example of CVS file (Groups are separated by "::"):



Description: Column 1: Frequency of term
Column 2: Number of all terms in document
Column 3: Number of all terms in document without stop words
Column 4: Relative frequency
Column 4: Relative frequency without stop words
Column 4: Language
Column 5: Document/Database/TMX/XLIFF File
Spalte 6: Term

Bilingual Terminology Extraction

This tools creates bilingual translations from TMX files. Input is a TMX file, from this translation candidates are produced. A term can consists of several words.

Bilingual Terminology Extraction


TermManager is a terminology management tool, which is based on the TBX standard. It is also Server and Web based.
Araya TermManagerTermManager

XML-RPC Server

All functions in Araya can be accessed through XML-RPC server. For XML-RPC some example implementations in Perl are available. In Sirius (see below) Araya is integrated based on XML-RPC.


Araya is available for the following platforms:

Data base support

Araya supports the following databases: Databases are integrated through a configuration file. In most cases it is very easy to add additional SQL database systems into Araya.

Integration into Document Management

Araya is integrated into the document management system Sirius from Acolada (external link)

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